Do you Weibo? I do.

Last year I attended a meeting where communicators came together to discuss social media. Many companies did not blog or “Weibo (micro-blog)” fearing it would invite negative comments.

I was among those few who saw it differently. First, the risk comes from unqualified products, malfunctions, accidents or bad services, not from establishing a social media platform.

It’s a matter of attitude. You can choose to be silent to avoid potential negative response, or you can take initiative to speak your own voice to build a professional and positive image that would help deflate negative comments if they did arrive. I also know the future of communications will be more digitalized and more social. Now more than ever establishing a social media platform is important for companies, both as a way of doing business and for enhancing awareness of the company and its reputation. We may not see direct sales from participation in social media, but it provides emotional bonds with our stakeholders, the ‘emotion profit’ as I would call it.

So we said, and we did. Last June the Celanese China Weibo (equivalent to Twitter) was launched at Sina (the biggest and most popular social media space in China). We were among the earliest chemical companies opening Weibo. So far we have 1,400 followers with a mix of Celanese employees, media, industry peers, organizations, students and those who want to work for CE, and others. Weibo provides us the possibility to generate interaction with stakeholders in the same spectrum and helps us know what people think about Celanese. Weibo is a marvelous media itself with multi-media functions. Text posts, along with pictures and videos and other interesting functions make communications so versatile and more appealing. Weibo connects us to our audience more quickly, efficiently and informally.

One year has passed since Celanese’s Weibo launch. It has taken a lot of efforts to steer and run this social media. Recently I met some peers again. “I read your Weibo every day. It’s very active and positive. You’ve done a lot,” were some of the comments. That’s good, but we’ve only just started. 

CE Weibo link: (only in Chinese language)