Email was one of the first forms of communications on the internet, and as the technology has evolved over the last two decades so has how we access that email. Celanese, much like many corporations, has continued to evolve with ways in which we access email, traditionally with Outlook on our computers, but furthering that to BlackBerry.  And now, with Bring Your Own Device program we expand that to include smartphones and tablets as well. Our customers have followed the same trends, so how we approach communications to those customers has to adapt as well.

Email client usage today
The most recent statistics from Litmus, an online email analytics provider, shows that a whopping 45% of all emails that are opened are opened on a mobile device.  Not surprisingly, Apple’s iPhone ranks #1 on that list garnering 24% of all email opens, with Outlook as the nearest competitor getting only 17% of all email opens.  Think about your daily routine, and if you’re anything like me, one of your first activities when you wake up is to check your email on your smartphone – after retrieving your smartphone from the other side of the room where you have thrown it because it also serves as your alarm clock. In fact, if you’re like most Americans, you probably check your phone as much as 150 times per day, much more often than you check your web-based email or probably even your Outlook inbox.  Additionally, more and more companies are offering plans similar to Celanese’s “Bring your own device,” wherein an employee can use their personal phones to receive company emails.

Designing for the small screen
Because of this ever shifting landscape, how we design communications to our customers is evolving with the technology. We are beginning to design for the mobile device first and then the desktop. With this approach, we must be much more cognizant of the choices in imagery and use of text to convey the right message within the smaller space of a mobile screen. As Celanese continues to grow our communications in conjunction with our new branding, look for more communications that will be tailored to fit your mobile device. One of the best ways to keep up on the latest news in a small format is through Celanese Pocket News.  Pocket News is getting a facelift as well, and will be even better suited for consuming your Celanese news right from your mobile device. So join the fun today and signup to receive Celanese news on your phone.