When I got sick in 2010, I decided to participate in the annual Race for the Cure in Frankfurt. For health reasons, it unfortunately never actually happened. So it makes me that much happier that Celanese accepted my idea last year of letting employees participate in this event this year.

This year I was fit enough to run and I had a great time. The weather, the people and the atmosphere could not have been nicer. The event was a celebration of life and everybody was there with all their heart. It was very impressive for me to see how imaginative people can be when it comes to supporting a good cause.

I had the honor of running with our Celanese Flamingos: Stefanie Lehr and Catrin Frick were the star attractions at this event. The local press, and even the American Consulate, asked to take photos; and our Flamingos gave it their all.

Seventy thousand new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed in men and women each year. For this reason, it’s incredibly important to support breast cancer research in the hopes of improving the chances of finding a cure.

It is nice to see that Celanese responds to suggestions from employees regarding social involvement such as this Race for the Cure in Frankfurt.

By participating in the Race for the Cure, Celanese gave all of us the opportunity to support this cause.

Sixty employees took advantage of this opportunity, and I thank each and every one of them with all my heart.